Tar and Chip Coating Paving Process

tarchip2Chip Coat Paving also called Tar And Chip, E&H Asphalt Materials Paving services include Tar and Chip Paving, also known as chip coating. Tar and Chip paving is a very good alternative to asphalt pavement. After surface grading, the area to proper specifications asphalt cement (or tar) is applied to the area. The right consistency at the correct asphalt mix temperature is applied in preparation for the gravel. Once the gravel is placed then it is pressed with a heavy roller into the asphalt cement.

  • Tar & Chip Access Roads
  • Chip Coating - Asphalt Cement
  • Private Driveways
  • Homeowner Property Access
  • Utility Access Pavement
  • Industrial Use Farm Roads
  • Gravel Drive Upgrade

This Tar and Chip method of paving is great for residential paving projects. The Chip Coating process provides a high-quality service at an affordable price. Tar and Chip paving provides better access to property with roads and driveways. E&H Asphalt Materials Paving is experienced with the Tar and Chip paving process. We can save you and or your business expensive maintenance costs and aggravation by providing Tar and Chip pavement solution. Contact us today to schedule appointment for a Free Estimate that is customized to your needs.tarchip2

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